Enrollment is Now Closed

Here’s how to enrol.  Send me an email with your child’s age, if they have had an official diagnosis of ASD, your name, and how to contact you.

Email me at:  D.K.Lawrence@sms.ed.ac.uk

Please share this site with other parents of children diagnosed with ASD and encourage them to participate.  The more children who experience the intervention, the more data we will have to determine if the intervention is effective, and if it is, what changes parents might expect to see.

About Me

My name is Dorothy Lawrence and I am a Research PhD student at the University of Edinburgh in Clinical Psychology.  I’m interested in the idea that sound can stimulate parts of our nervous system to make it work more effectively, as proposed by Dr. Stephen Porges in his theory of social engagement.  I want to see if 30 minutes per day of listening at home to the selected programme, creates positive changes in behaviours and function in children with autism, anywhere on the spectrum.


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